Sex Education, An Urgent Needed for Teenagers Nowadays

Teenage is very important part of some one’s life. It is the important part of growing up, when some one build up himself, physically or emotionally. Most of them turn to be more labile, obstinate, much protest and selfish. They want to show up them self and take any challenging to raise their self confidence. They seem keen to everything new, and one of this is about sex.

I am quite sure that for us, SEX is very interesting topic, isn’t? But before talking further more, let’s cross out our mind the old opinion that said it is taboo. It is something naturally, not taboo at all, as long as we see it from the right point of view. It is about we our self, and we have to know exactly what is this.

Let’s skip a little further. Since sex becomes something taboo, parents never talk about it to their children. Even keep hiding it. And do you know the result? In fact, children, specially teenagers, some one who are in the self exploring progress, would get many information from the out side. Unfortunately, it is not the proper information because they usually get it from their friends, some magazines, or porn film which can be found in the black market easily. All of these are leading the sex abuse and violence, rape and free sex. In this case, the teenager, who is so labile and always attempt to challenge some thing new, begin to be out of religion’s norm. Doing illegal sex or free sex, having sex just for fun. A surveyor Institution of Teenager’s behavior found that by the end of 2008, at about 63% of teenagers have done sex.

As the Ice berg,  it’s just the little peak seen on the surface. The horrible impact of this problem is much much more than we predict. Let say about the most possibility, unmarried pregnancy and the chain effect. Thousands of abortions having done every month in almost every town, as many as thousands of babies have to be born without legal father. Thousands of un-guilty babies who will be ignored or left on the street because their existence is really un-expectable.
May be some of lucky babies will be adopted by good parents or stay in orphan house. But, many unlucky babies will be the victim of trafficking or tken by some people who will teach and use them as the beggar or even criminal.

Let’s move to the most well known disease, AIDS. Do you realize that the number of it keeps increasing day by day? 57% of the people suffering AIDS, is on the age of 15-29. AIDS spreads out every where as a very strong horrible evil web. One of the caution of this killing disease is free sex. Many people think that having sex using contraception, will be OK. But it’s wrong, because there is no 100% guaranty that using the contraception will protect us from AIDS. As the matter of fact nowadays, around the world, AIDS still become the unbeatable silent killer. All of those, free sex, sex abuse, unmarried pregnancy and also AIDS, are caused of teenager doesn’t have a right knowledge of the sex.

Based on the plenty of fact happened to the teenager, It’s time to aware that sex education is really needed for teenagers. It will lead them to know exactly, to be more wise and care about them self, to be more responsible in every thing they do.

I think in this case Government must pay attention and help us to have the right solution and solve the problem by giving knowledge of sex education as the curriculum at school based on the student’s level. It will make them know better about them self. It will also give the right knowledge to them, and keeping them aware of the consequence of sexual relationship and finnaly it can prevent them from the negative effect of sex at the young age.

Let’s sit together and talk. Tell us everything you want us to know, so we find the better way. Moral sex education at home, supported by scientific sex education at school, really a great foundation for teenager to build the life. And we can have a great wish that our Children, the young generation will grow into a healthy and strong personality nation.

Arya Bayu

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